[Granblue Fantasy] …and you. 0311_I’m Fine, Thank YOU. Ending

[Granblue Fantasy] …and you. 0311_I’m Fine, Thank YOU. Ending

From me to you on the other side…
To observe means to be observed.
When you look at me, I’m looking right back at you.
So I’ll say it now, before I depart: “Goodbye.”

The world today, with all its sorrow and pain,
exists atop a mountain of sins.

The joys and celebrations that could have been are not,
for I crushed them underfoot.

And that’s why I have to go.
I’ll cast myself into the cycle of destruction and rebirth
along with the failed possibilities invading reality.

If we meet again someday, somewhere,
I’m sure my successor will say these words:
“Nice to meet you. Let’s be friends.

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